Company Profile


Founded in 1958, Beijing Urban Construction Survey and Design Institute is the first company engaged in surveying and surveying of underground railway. After more than 50 years' hard work, We is relying on strong technical force and first-class Expert team, rich engineering experience, intensive knowledge network and sophisticated equipment, has become China's modern rail transportation has a strong competitive strength of large-scale integrated survey and design enterprises.

In the field of technology development, we always pursue professional, integrated development, at home and abroad to undertake rail transit, municipal, housing construction project surveying, mapping, monitoring, testing, supervision, consulting, geotechnical engineering design and construction, geological disasters Risk assessment of governance, geological survey, the wisdom of the city and other areas of engineering tasks. In the course of the project, it is the first of its kind to hold Grade A qualification of engineering survey, Class-A qualification of surveying and mapping, Class-A qualification of engineering consultation, grade A of geological hazard assessment and first-class qualification of foundation and foundation construction.

We have edited the "Urban Rail Transit Geotechnical Engineering Survey Code", "Urban Rail Transit Engineering Survey Code", "urban rail transit engineering monitoring technical specifications", "leaping monorail traffic engineering survey standard" four urban rail transit national norms , The first two have been awarded the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Progress Award. The Institute also participated in a number of standards, manuals and more than 20 construction techniques in the field of "Survey and Design Code for Building Foundation and Foundations of Beijing", "Construction Surveying Code for Buildings", "Technical Code for Construction and Municipal Precipitation Engineering".

We will be science and technology personnel, high-end equipment assembled in one, employs more than 1,000 people, including academicians, professors senior engineer and professional and technical personnel and other high-tech personnel accounted for 86 percent of the hospital, equipped with automatic gyroscope, Man-machine, measuring robot and ground synthetic aperture radar and other advanced equipment. At the same time, the City Survey Institute in the organizational structure to build carefully, in Beijing, with the investigation of professional hospital, measuring professional hospital, test professional hospital, geotechnical institute, geological survey center, intelligent city engineering center. Beijing Branch, with the International Engineering Division, Guangzhou Branch, Tianjin Branch, East Branch, Nanning Branch, Kunming Branch, Shandong Branch and a number of projects, with environmental engineering detection limited liability company, the letter McNair Engineering Consulting Company, Three best engineering consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Ansett engineering consulting firm four Senate holding company.

For half a century, we have the spirit of "based on the subway, for the community; based on domestic and the world" strategic layout, and constantly expand the industrial structure. Over the years, we rely on a number of difficult to enumerate the first, gradually cast out in the field of rail transit survey the leading technology brands, has contracted the vast majority of Beijing subway survey projects, but also bear the Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Nanjing, Suzhou, Zhengzhou, Wuxi, Xi'an, Wuhan, Shenyang and other domestic cities over 30 track traffic survey project. We rely on rail transport to create brand, through the consolidation of municipal engineering brand, with the Olympic project to enhance the brand, has completed the "Bird's Nest" as the core of a number of Olympic venues, the National Grand Theater, National Museum, Chairman Mao Memorial Hall, T3 , Beijing New Airport, Jingcheng, Jingbao, Jingkai and many other highways as well as more than 100 residential quarters in Beijing. It has realized the multi-professional and all-round development of enterprises in the domestic market.

We have undertaken a number of overseas projects, such as the Angolan Social Housing Project, the Baladende Terminal, the Luanda Geological Survey Center, Tehran Line 1 and 2, the Hanoi Urban Rail Transit - East Line, North Korea Pyongyang Metro and other survey projects, the People's Republic of China has made foreign contracted projects qualification certificate, the progressive realization of enterprises in overseas markets continue to develop.

Quality is the survival of the enterprise, innovation is the source of vitality. 2010, we passed the Beijing High-tech enterprises that become the first in the industry with this special honor of the enterprise. In recent years, we have dozens of projects have been the state, the Ministry of Construction and the Beijing Municipal Award. One large special-shaped engineering precision measurement and reconstruction technology research and application of the project by the People's Republic of China State Council promulgated the National Science and Technology Progress Award. We developed the "ground treatment" and "civil monitoring system" in 2002 and 2010 respectively, the State Intellectual Property Office granted the invention patent certificate and utility model patent certificate.

Management is the enterprise development of the law, business integrity is the road. We always adhere to the "win-win" concept of "adding value to customers", based on the market, the contract, keeping promises, and constantly improve the working methods and improve service levels. In 1992, it was awarded the title of "Advanced Unit in National Engineering Survey". Since 1994, it has been awarded the title of "Honoring Contract and Keeping Promise" for Beijing continuously. In 2006, it was awarded "Quality AAA" by Beijing Quality Association. Level unit "and" Quality Excellence Unit ". Since 2008, it has been appraised as" the first national engineering investigation and geotechnical industry integrity unit "by the China Survey and Design Association. In 2012, it was appraised by China Quality Evaluation Association as" Enterprise ", in 2013 by the national housing urban and rural construction as" national advanced engineering survey and design enterprise ", the same year, by the China association of survey and design as" national engineering survey and design excellence enterprise ", in 2016 by the China survey and design association Was named "national engineering survey and geotechnical enterprise culture construction advanced unit".

Under the background of global economic integration, We will take integrity as the cornerstone of enterprise development, adhering to the enterprise spirit of "professional, innovative, efficient, active and tenacious", with "innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing "The development of philosophy as a strong road of the strategic orientation, and always implement the" quality of survival, science and technology to promote development, to management to efficiency, "a principle of service, and in accordance with the" careful investigation, customer satisfaction; security development, Green construction, social recognition; management science, continuous improvement, "the quality policy, continue to provide quality services for the majority of construction units, continue to escort the city construction and development, to build a better future of urban life, before the trip!